The rife research kit courses

Rife Research Kit Courses are dedicated set of courses for people that are interested to learn more about rife, all the historical data, his reports, and the machine reports are all compiled into one big database for you to have access. The course has no restriction you can start from any part of it. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us


The Case Against Frequency Generators is a report I wrote which breaks down the modern frequency generators so called "rife machines" into 4 different categories based on the type of output they deliver. There are some cross over machines that have capabilities to operate in more than one different category but this can help you understand how differently your experience may be using one type of machine versus another. 


This is a foundational report when trying to understand all the different types of frequency generators out there (rife machines) and how differently they all operate even though it is quite common that they are all simply called a "rife machine". 

The Four Types Of Modern Frequency Generators

This is the video companion to my report "The Case Against Frequency Generators" so if you learn well from video rather than reading reports you'll like this. 

Common Questions About Machines

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RF vs Audio Frequencies

This video explains the basic differences between audio frequencies and radio frequencies as it applies to frequency generators and the history of Royal Rife's work. 

Electrotherapy Pioneers Report - Discoveries of Royal Rife

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Brief History - Rife Machine Report



Frequency Generator Cheat Sheet Buyers Guide



How to use a frequency generator - Historical Report

This should give you some insight in how frequency generators were used historically in somewhat different ways (on and off days for example) for different things. (CONTENT WILL BE ADDED SOON!)


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